How to match socks Stylish?


Sports shoes + socks

Sneakers and socks are the most basic combination, and they seem to have a natural connection.

The essence of sneaker + sock is the sock edge. A pair of monochromatic sneaker just shows a delicate sock edge that touches the ankle, adding a bright spot to the overall shape and visually decorating the leg shape, making the legs appear long and straight.

Sneakers are paired with white cotton socks, so you can barely step on thunder.

White cotton socks with a strong sense of Japanese, is a must for all Japanese magazines.

Sneakers and socks may seem like a traditional combination, but as the variety of socks grows, they can also be used to create different styles.

If the color of your shoes is simple and monochromatic, you can highlight the style with a pair of socks with a bright pattern.

If your shoes are a lot of colors, socks with simple patterns are the least likely to go wrong.

Socks can also echo the color of the top, fit stronger.

Small shoes + socks

Here, loafers, oxfords, and Mary Jane's are all called loafers...

Mary Jane shoes are the perfect match for shoes and socks.

Mid-tube socks and Mary Jane shoes mix and match to create a strong preppy style.

Oxford shoes loafers are more British retro shoes, and socks can collide to give a different feeling. On the choice of color, black is the most versatile, earth color, navy blue, jujube is red wait more restore ancient ways.

Also can make administrative levels feeling through wearing socks, the blue that a pair of small red shoes and body bump color, absorb clear very much.

Style jumps off lovely embroidery socks and the loafer of improvement put together, it is a kind of brand-new collocation experience.

Or wear cartoon socks directly, have window also have tong qu.

The sock of metallic feeling matchs wine red square head shoe, in restoring ancient ways is taking dazzle cool.

High heels and socks

In recent years in each brand people's promotion, athletic socks high-heeled shoes becomes the fashionable collocation with the hottest current thoroughly. This kind of mix builds a way to pass the free play of fashionable essence again, become more interesting.

Actually a lot of people cannot accept the collocation of high-heeled shoes and socks, but we cannot deny avant-garde, bold, restore ancient ways, fashionable is its pronoun. As long as the match is good, it can be very good-looking.

For example, tulle style socks are a perfect match for high heels.

If the shoes aren't delicate enough, pair them with a more delicate pair of socks, a velvet sock and a retro-inspired heel.

Lisa boldly experimented with black strappy sandals and white cotton socks for her magazine shoot, giving the little black dress a different feel.

High heels + socks this wear method is actually very day department, especially this kind of small restore ancient ways of sole.

When medium tube socks matchs high-heeled shoes, suit dress more, no matter how look very restore ancient ways.

Martin boots and socks

Autumn has a while, it is time to get a pair of Martin boots, Martin boots with a kind of tough natural and unrestrained and young temperament, not only good clothes, flat style is also very good to wear.

Martin boots can also be worn with bare socks. The most common way to wear them is to show only a little of the stocking.

Because general Martin boots are more hard, the new Martin boots will stick to your feet to doubt life! At this point, socks are higher than shoes, both comfortable and good-looking.

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