Lolita circles are popular for "delicate style socks


Gothic Lolita dresses are different. This type of dress is usually black and white, so lo socks have a smaller selection. In 2020, the following "delicate socks" are popular in Lolita circles. They are versatile and wearable, and lo nians love to wear them, even if they are paired with a Gothic lolita. If you're struggling with socks, keep reading.

First of all, the first type is the mid-tube socks. Unlike classic Lolita socks, the most important feature of textured socks is that they are versatile, not only suitable for gothic Lolita dresses, but also can be paired with sweet and classic Lo dresses. There are two reasons for this. One is that different patterns can be selected for this type of socks according to different clothing styles; the other is that there are many colors available for this type of socks.

If it's a Lolita dress in gothic style, here are two Suggestions for wearing it. One is to choose dark socks, such as black, dark green, dark blue, etc. The second is to choose simple hollow-out design or bronzing design, which can not only show the sense of delicacy, but also ensure the uniform style of the whole dress, and can more fully show the gorgeous beauty of Lolita dresses!

Secondly, the second kind of versatile socks is the lace in the tube pile socks. Before lacy midriff stockings became popular in Lolita fashion, many Lo Niangs opted for basic over-the-knee lace stockings. But its design is more onefold, the style also is limited somewhat, appeared on the market then a lot of bud silk medium tube piles hosiery. This type of sock is designed with lace as a whole, and the socks are stacked together to make it look more designable.

In addition, this type of sock is basically a translucent hollowed-out design, with common patterns such as flowers, fishing nets and so on. If you are choosing a Gothic Lolita dress, here are two Suggestions. One is to choose black and white lace stockings to match the overall style. Of course, you can also choose khaki, deep purple, etc. 2 it is to choose as far as possible hollow out design contracted atmosphere in stocking, such, ability more what lay particular stress on shows skirt is luxuriant.

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